October 25, 2022

5 Steps to Sell Your Home without Making Repairs in Indiana

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Is your home damaged or ugly? Are you wanting to get out of it, but worried that no one will want to buy it unless you make repairs and renovations? We are here to tell you that you don’t need to worry about that because someone will purchase your home just the way it is. Here are the steps you can take to be free of your house.

1. Contact a Cash Buyer

If you are trying to sell your home without making repairs, then contact Enlight Homebuyers the cash buyers. We purchase any home as it is for cash. This will save you a lot of time and money when you sell your home for cash instead of listing it on the market yourself or through a realtor. Cash buyers are knowledgeable about the market and can purchase your home quickly. It is a simple process, so contact a cash buyer before you do anything first. 

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2. Sell Your Home as Is

After you contact the cash buyer, don’t do a thing! No need to fix the leaky faucet or paint over the marker on the walls. Enlight Homebuyers won’t judge you! We look past the ugliness and damages unlike potential buyers in the market, and you will save yourself time and thousands of dollars are repairs.

3. The Cash Buyer Will Come Out and Look at Your Home and Make an Offer

After you have contacted us, we will come out and look at your home and give you a same day offer. The goal is to make this process as quick as we possibly can for you. We will not back out and it the sale is guaranteed to through. 

If you put your home on the market you will find that it takes a lot of strangers walking through your home to find the perfect interested buyer. This can take months, and even if you accept the offer there is always the chance that the buyer will back out the last minute or they don’t get approved for the loan. 

This leads you back to square one of trying to find an interested buyer. If you sell your home to a cash buyer, you eliminate the need to find a buyer and you avoid the big long loan/closing process. We don’t back out of the sale once we make an offer. This is a promise that we keep at Enlight Homebuyers.

4. Accept the Offer

After you have decided that you want us to purchase your home, all you have to do is accept the offer. Once you do, you can be out of your home in just seven days while we seal the deal. Like stated above, since we have the funds ready for you we can cut out the long loan process. 

5. Move Out

This part is easy. You’ll pack up your things and move out in just a quick week of accepting our offer! It’s time to get out of your nightmare of a home and go buy your dream home. After all, you just saved so much money on repair and renovation expenses and realtor fees.

Contact us any time at 317-333-7011 to learn more! We can’t wait to help you get out of your home as quickly as possible.

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