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This is one of the most common questions we get asked...and the answer is 'it depends'. Your home is likely your largest asset so when it comes to selling it there are many considerations you must make before making that decision: the first consideration is should I sell on my own or hire a local realtor?

Listing with a realtor largely depends on the condition of your house. If your home isn't in tip-top condition this option can be long and rough. Most realtors require a "show ready" home before they are willing to take the listing of your home. Realtors want to make money too meaning the longer you house sits on the market the more time and money the realtor loses...not to mention the frustrations that will put on your life

At the same time, when selling on your own there are a few things you must consider as well like 'how much money is needed to repair the house for it to actually sell?', 'how are you going to get people to know your house is on the market?', 'what is your moving timeline?', 'do you know and have all the paperwork needed?' and 'how do you price your home so it doesn't sit on the market for months on end?'.

Is selling my Indiana home as-is the best option for me? Yes!

At Enlight Homebuyers we specialize in buying homes for cash. This means that we buy your home as-is, no repairs needed, no sitting on the market, showing your house to dozens of "potential" buyers, and no need to try and figure out all the paper work...not to mention no closing costs. Best part is you don't sign a 6 month - 1 year contract with a realtor.

We'll come look at your house once, give you a cash purchase offer, then you have complete control whether to accept or reject the offer...if you accept you choose a closing date, we write you a check and buy your house (we'll take care of all the paperwork as well!).

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If you are ready to sell quickly and cut through the hassles of the traditional home selling process then let us give you a cash offer. There no obligation and you may find that it's more than you thought you could get for your house on the open market. Fill out the form to get your cash offer!

Of the thousands of homes we've purchased from homeowners in Indiana there are some main reasons that stick out to why they choose to sell to us.

Funds are Tight

As you know cosmetic fixes to your property can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Most homeowners simply don't want to go through the pain of hiring contractors, forking up the money, and waiting weeks or months for the fixes to happen...not to mention shady contractors that leave the job half done with your money in pocket.

With us you don't worry about any of that, we buy your house as-is. Let us worry about the fixes, contractors, wasted time and money out of our pocket. We take the stress out of selling!

Timeline Matters To You

Let's face it not only do homeowners have to sign 6 month contracts with realtors the house could stay on the market even longer. We understand you have a busy life and lots of things going on. The last thing you need to worry about it trying to deal with a local realtor in getting your house sold.

Best part of all of this? We can buy your house in as little as 3 days or on a day or your choice!

So what are you waiting for...get your cash offer today and sell your house quickly As-Is

Listing With a Realtor vs Enlight Homebuyers

Commissions: 6% of Sales Price in Indiana. NONE
Closing Costs: 3% of Sales Price. NONE - We pay all costs
Repairs: Most realtors will ask for repairs or even the lender will require repairs in order to sell the home. NONE - We pay for all repairs
Time and Carrying Costs: It takes about 3-6 months to sell a house. During this time you will have to pay for taxes, maintenance, utilities, insurance and interest. NONE- We can purchase right away
Cleaning: Your realtor will want a clean show-ready home to present to potential buyers. NONE - We take care of this for you
Packing: Once you sell, you will have to leave the place empty and clean. NONE - You can leave what you don't want behind
Staging: Many realtors require a home to be staged when showing the home to potential buyers. Meaning a whole lot of decluttering for you. NONE - Not required
Showing: You may have to show your home 5-30 times to find a buyer. Once (Just Us)
Closing Date: Typically 30-60 days after finding a buyer. On the Date of YOUR CHOICE
Appraisal, Inspection, and Financing Contingency Most buyers have to finance, so an inspection, appraisal and credit approval are all required. NONE

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